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Red Leaves
Louisiana, 1933


The Great Depression has limited the future opportunities for Sonja Shivera, a plucky young woman with no family, no money, and a tragic past that haunts her present.


She luckily finds employment as a companion to Mrs. Stone, a cranky old woman, but unfortunately, the work is emotionally and financially unrewarding. Their unhappy relationship gets even darker when they vacation at a fading antebellum inn near Baton Rouge on the banks of a lake known as False River.


At Moorcroft Inn, the terror begins. Sonja finds herself torn between a world of genteel decay and the dark world of her past. She crosses paths with a mysterious couple, Freddie Marsh and Lydia Grey, and an exotic beauty named Anya Cambion. Through them, she is drawn into a web of crime that has plagued the South since the Civil War, which includes crop damage, savaged animals, and missing girls.


As Sonja is pulled deeper into the mystery surrounding an abandoned plantation, a nocturnal garden, and a magical labyrinth, she ponders another enigma.


Who is the mysterious young man who drifts out of the woods, and what secrets will he tell? 


Circle of Darkness

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