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Roberta Blankenship, a frustrated middle-aged, middle-class housewife living in Indianapolis, struggles to make sense of her meaningless existence while also pondering an old family secret involving her mother that has plagued her since childhood. Sick of her Pottery Barn life and motivated by the mystery only whispered about in the past, she flees to the farthest point she can get without a passport, Juneau, Alaska. Everything is clearer under the vast Alaskan sky.


Having abandoned everything she’d spent her life creating, Roberta remakes herself in another place, doing anything other than responding to the demands of her self-absorbed husband and her entitled kids. Taking her first job since college, and a small room above a tourists’ shop, she contemplates new vistas. She never expected, however, to find romance in the form of a handsome federal agent involved in murder and mayhem.


And it is murder and mayhem, and the discovery of other’s secrets, that causes Roberta to run for her life into the Alaskan wilderness…    


Clearing in the Woods

Foggy Forest

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