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Liquid Bubbles

Was her marriage over?

Jan Talbot suddenly discovers she’s a discarded wife. Abandoned in the home she’s built over two decades with one cat, two dogs, and a teen-aged daughter, Jan is blindsided by the absence of her husband, Jim, and by the existence of another woman. More offended by Jim’s stupidity than his infidelity, she is furious that he didn’t think her mind in possession of sufficient bandwidth to grasp the obvious. How could he humiliate her like this?

Feeling like an idiot for missing the obvious signs of marital disintegration, Jan seeks solace in her friends. Together they uncover the identity of her husband’s lover, which sends Jan on a reckless escapade searching for answers. Her emotions hurtle from shock and disbelief to anger as she goes on the attack, making her husband feel the full power of her wrath. Jan comes to terms with her past by taking the initiative to recover her balance and embrace change.

Both Jan and Jim reflect upon their marriage to determine what each really wants. Her desires evolve, as do Jim’s. Their feelings for and about one another veer in opposite directions, cross paths, and finally come to rest.


Professor Talbot's Wife

Trees in Lake

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